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Updated on 10/21/23: Thanks for visiting.  We promise this site is close and looking to launch in November!


Opinions, views & thoughts from real cigar smokers!

After years of smoking hundreds and hundreds of sticks, spending tons of money on cigar publications, & reading review after review, we decided to go in a different direction.  We wanted this site to be more about conversation pieces and not all about cigar reviews.  While we love reading reviews that is really not the main focus of Talkin' Cigars.


We will start off each week with a new topic and wanted to start a conversation.  You'll see our featured content below showing each conversation.  Click on each and join in!  Yes, we will review cigars too, but in a different way than all the great publications.  Our reviews are more about "was this cigar worth the money" or "would I buy it again" than "a hint of vanilla" or "a blend of cocoa and pepper"!  Talkin' Cigars is just real world opinions for the average cigar smoker.  That's it!    

If you have a specific topic we always want ideas so just let us know..  Read our opinions, tell us yours, have fun and let us know your thoughts on the cigar topics.  

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