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Our Inspiration

We became cigar smokers because of the tradition  of cigars in our family.  Every picture of our "Papa" Charlie (who we never met) had a cigar in his hand or mouth.  Our Dad then introduced us to cigars as young adults because they were a passion of his our entire lives. 

While we never really knew what types of cigars Charlie smoked I do remember buying tons of JR Alternatives to the Cohiba Robusto for my dad.  He loved those!  They were like $24 for a bundle of 20!

dad and boys.jpeg

Sanford Dinovitz
"Chick" or "Big D"

Born:  May 13, 1932

Died:  March 7, 2007

Loved his bundled cigars from JR.  

papa charlie dinovitz.jpeg

Charles Dinovitz
"Papa Charlie"

Born:  February 21, 1900

Died:  1954  

We never met him, but our Dad made us feel like we knew him our entire life.  He told us stories and named one of us after him!

He was a main stay in the Pittsburgh garment business while owning Dinovitz Clothing on Fifth Avenue for a long time.  

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