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A bit disappointed after trying for the first time...

This is not an article to bash any specific cigar brand. Just a quick honest take on cigars I was looking forward to trying but then disappointed after making the purchase. I understand it was only one stick, but these are my first impressions! I'm not saying I wouldn't try them again, just disappointments!

It's funny. I shop for cigars all the time and really love to try new brands or blends. I look around in cigar shops and sometimes sticks just catch or eye. Sometimes you read reviews online or get referred to blends from friends! Whatever the case is, you get excited to try new ones. Here's a look at three blends that I was so excited to try and then my reaction was more like WTF!

Montecristo Espada. So, this is probably going to get criticized but I'm just comparing it to other cigars in the same price range. I know it gets great reviews all over the internet, but just didn't think it was worth the price tag of $13. The cigar looked awesome and beautifully constructed. I was excited to try it but just felt like it went in way too many directions and the flavor was not what I expected at all. Really harsh in the first quarter, and never got much better. The wrapper is cool though!

San Lotana Dominicano. AJ & Jochy blend was just not a favorite but not horrible. The price tag was not bad at $7 retail, but I was expecting something a bit different after reading most reviews. The construction was nice, burn ok, but the flavor was a bit harsh for my palate.

Southern Draw Rose of Sharon. I’ve read really good reviews of this specific brand and never got a chance to smoke one until last month. I paid $9.75 for the corona and it just never hit any high notes. It was rough throughout the entire smoke and never felt like a great premium cigar. I also had to correct the uneven burn about 3 times.

Buffalo Trace Toro. Tons of my friends kept raving about this one so I was on an online auction site and added one to my order for only like $4. I was excited to smoke this at a camp fire over the summer and rarely do I give up on a smoke before it gets about 3/4 of the way down. Well, I threw this one in the fire about half way through. It was pretty harsh, burnt wood flavor the entire time which is not my cup of tea at all. I do not see the rave all my friends see. This bourbon brand cigar thing just not my thing I guess, but the bourbon is a good thing!

It would be great to hear some of your disappointments and continue this conversation. I'll also update any brands when I decide to smoke these again. I only bought one of each so it might be a while down the road.

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