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Archetype Chapter 2 Axis Mundi

Updated this post on 10/21/23. Unfortunately a great cigar gets axed by a corporate giant Kretek International.

Original post from 02/2022. Ventura Cigar and Drew Estate bring this to the market and it is a smoke worth trying today!

Mark's Thoughts:

Most Drew Estate partnerships are worth the money. This one is well worth it and it has become a staple in my humidor. The picture is from the first time I tried this stick with an amber beer from an old time brewery in Western Pa (won't mention name here). The beer not so great, the cigar is a different story. From the time you light this sucker until the end, you will be impressed with the flavor (nice spice, but not heavy or full flavored at all). The burn and draw are consistent throughout, this particular smoke had to be lit once to round out the burn, but other sticks did not have this happen. No big deal at all! The value is tremendous even if I paid twice what I paid. If I had to give a rating it be a tremendous one something like 4.5 out of 5 or 9 out of 10. Just damn good.

My Final Thought - "You gotta try these. I wasn't sure at first, but Ventura & DE came up with something special on these. Well worth it and staple in my humidor. I put this picture on the header of the website for this reason."

Chuck's Thoughts:

Wow. Now this you won't regret. Packs a punch but not so much that you'll taste it for 3 days. The burn was solid - draw was fine. Got a smoking hot deal online so I tried a box without sampling first - typically a no no for me - very glad I did.

My Final Thought - "Now this is one you won't regret! A must try for any type of cigar smoker!"

Updated on 10/21/2023. Ventura Cigar got bought out a couple years or so ago and originally this brand was making the cut to continue (other Archetypes too). Well, it's been quite some time and seems like it's gone. I've emailed Ventura to no response. Requested to know the status and nothing. This totally sucks because all the Archetypes were pretty damn good. Ventura partnered with many top quality makers, Drew Estate, Davidoff & Oliva to blend these and they were all top notch. Ventura is left with a bunch of lower to mid level brands. Confusing to me.

I also talked to a couple internet retailers and they have no clue about this brand just told me it's discontinued until they hear otherwise. One said they have nothing from the reps about this yet. I did just buy a box from one of them but they only had limited quantities left. It was a ridiculous deal, at only $79 a box. They only let me buy one. The box is bad ass too.

- when we originally decided to launch Talkin Cigars, we thought about doing mostly cigar reviews in this format. This has changed over time, and we now really just talk about cigar topics. Many sites rate cigars, we wanted to be different but we kept these up and will update at certain times.

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