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What cutter do you prefer?

V-cut, straight cut or punch. What is your cut of choice?

This is a great topic and one that I've had many times at local cigar shops with perfect strangers! I'd love to hear you opinion on this one!

I have to admit I use a regular guillotine cutter most of the time. One thing that is extremely important is don't skimp on your cutters. Cheap ones, are well mostly cheap! They get dull pretty quick and that really sucks. That doesn't mean you have to spend tons. Read online reviews. Do not cut too much off the cigar, this will mess up the entire wrapper and many novice smokers make this mistake all the time. It ruins your cigar and will piss you off big time when the wrapper starts unrolling!

I really like the v-cut on many cigars. This cut gives you a consistent burn and leaves a little room for error where a basic cutter does not. Don’t buy the cheap ones here either (I think especially here). The blades are crap and will ruin you’re cigar, or just make you use a regular cutter to hide the tears.

I have a punch on my key chain all the time. You’d think it’s my main cutter but really my main backup cutter. It’s my insurance policy if I ever forget my cutter! I do like a punch especially on mixed filler cigars where I might get some tobacco bits in my mouth during the smoke. I hate that big time but will smoke some of those cigars from time to time. A punch will not work well on a torpedo or custom tipped cigar. Always punch right in the middle and don‘t use to much force. Once you know how deep to punch you’ll like using one.

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