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Organizing a humidor. Is this a crazy routine?

Am I crazy, I don't know but I kind of have my routine. Here's mine, let's talk about how, when, etc.

So, I have 4 humidors that all hold in the 75-150 range and every now and then they get a bit mixed up. Take some out, put them back, by new ones and put them in where they fit. What is the best way to organize them all? How often?

Every time I open one of my humidors, I want to see all the same brands, labels all together in one place. Every so often I notice this gets messed up and I see sticks in different places and it kind of pisses me off. So, every 2-3 months, I take all my cigars out of every shelf and reorganize them together.

I try to keep all the similar levels in the same place. Infused Javas, Tabacs, Deadwood together, Rocky Patel's together, My Father's together, top-shelves all together. You get it! I have one humidor that I rarely have to check humidity levels and just know it's pretty darn steady so all my higher level cigars go here. The other 3 aren't bad but take a little adjusting every now and then so all the other cigars go in these.

Am I crazy with any of this? It'd be nice to hear your thoughts, ideas, comments. Let's talk about this...

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