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Victor Sinclair Cigarillos Cherots

Mark's Thoughts:

Tiny little cigars are not my thing and this will probably be the only time I review them. Chuck can review these going forward. He likes little smokes and this one was pretty bad. He gave me about 40 of them, I smoked one and then gave the other 39 away about 10 minutes later. No need to rate the draw, burn, etc. It was pretty strong for a tiny little thing. Not my cup of tea at all. I guess the value would be good for 100 sticks on the deal he got, something like $50.

My Final Thought - "Not my thing. If tiny smokes are your thing give them a shot for the money, but I'll stick to my normal options."

Chuck's Thoughts:

I like mini cigars for one reason - I don't always have the time to enjoy a full size cigar. I saw these on sale and was thrilled to get them. Once I did I have to say - not good. These little buggers were some of the strongest cigars I ever smoked. I gave Mark a bunch without telling him and he felt the same way. However I gave a bunch more away and those guys thought I gave them $20 Davidoffs - so to each his own I guess. I have to think unless you like strong strong strong cigar these won't be for you.

My Final Thought - "Not really what I usually smoke and gave a bunch away, so that should give you an idea of my final thought."

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